Chiropractic Malpractice Policy Features

Part Time Practice
Reduced rates for Chiropractors that practice 20 hours or less per week.

Prior Acts

This policy shall provide coverage for professional services which you had rendered prior
to the effective date and is subject to malpractice/protection having been in force prior
to the commencement date of the policy. Any incident that you had prior knowledge of
which may give rise to a claim will be excluded.

Reimbursement Of Legal Fees
Legal Defense costs to defend a malpractice claim are UNLIMITED and in addition
Intact Insurance will provide reimbursement of legal fees due to the following:

a)     Disciplinary Action: reimbursement for legal representation towards appearance
before a disciplinary committee. $25,000 maximum for policy period. Attorney fees are
reimbursed to a maximum hourly rate of $175.00. Coverage only applies if the insured
is finally judged not guilty of the infraction or if the accusation or complaint is withdrawn.
Subject to a $500.00 deductible.

b)     Criminal Action: reimbursement for defense costs in criminal court while performing
a professional act provided there is an acquittal. $100,000 maximum per policy period.
Attorney fees are reimbursed to a maximum hourly rate of $175.00. Subject to a
$1,000 deductible.

c)     Coroners Inquest: reimbursement for all necessary legal fees when required to
appear before a coroners inquest. $25,000 maximum for policy period. Attorney fees
are reimbursed to a maximum hourly rate of $175.00. Subject to a $500.00 deductible.

Territorial Limits
Coverage is limited to all professional activities only within Canada.

Claims Made Form
This policy will only respond to an allegation of professional negligence taken against
the insured while coverage is actively in force. In other words “ should this policy be
terminated by either party and an action is delivered to the insured after policy termination…
for a professional activity rendered while the policy was in force….this policy will not provide
coverage to defend the insured”.

Definition Of Chiropractic Professional Services
Professional services means all services, including opinions and the giving of advice,
coming within the usual scope of practice of the professional services stated in the
Declarations Page of the policy.

Consent To Settle
Intact Insurance shall have the right to investigate any claim and negotiate the settlement
thereof, as it deems expedient, but Intact Insurance shall not make any settlement without the
consent of the Insured involved. If, however, the Insured shall refuse to provide consent,
the Insurer’s liability for the claim shall be limited to the amount for which the claim could
have been settled, including interest and defense costs incurred up to the date of such
refusal, any excess to be borne by the insured.

60 Month Extended Reporting Period
If a Chiropractor retires or voluntary ceases to practice a one time premium equal to the last premium will be granted with respect to any claim reported to the Insurer during the 60-month extension, BUT ONLY WITH RESPECT TO ANY WRONGFUL ACT, ERROR, OMMISION OR NEGLIGENT ACT COMMITED PRIOR TO THE EFFECTIVE DATE OF RETIREMENT OR DEATH, AS THE CASE MAY BE.

Personal Service Corporation
We will add at no additional premium a Personal Service Corporation that pertains to sole proprietor Chiropractor. A requirement is for the Personal Service Corporation to be a registrant with the Provincial College Of Chiropractic. Technical Corporations are excluded.

Note: The aforementioned description of coverages is for informational purposes only.
For exact policy wordings, conditions, and exclusions please refer to the actual policy.

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Chiropractic Malpractice Policy Features

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