Chiropractic Malpractice Insurance Details

To receive a premium quotation please contact: Ronnie Roberts or telephone 905 764-8061 Ext # 226

$2,000,000 Per Claim / $4,000,000 Aggregate   Prior Acts Included
$3,000,000 Per Claim / $5,000,000 Aggregate   Prior Acts Included

New Graduates
Annual Premium for 1st year of practice. Qualifying period is within 6 months of
graduation. No prior acts included. Retroactive coverage date commences at policy
commencement date.

$2,000,000 Per Claim / $4,000,000 Aggregate
$3,000,000 Per Claim / $5,000,000 Aggregate

Optional Adjunctive Coverages
Chiropractic Care To Animals, Acupuncture, Homeopathy/Naturopathy coverage(s)
are only available as a rider to Chiropractic Professional Liability Insurance Policy.
Limits of coverage must concur with Chiropractic Limits.

Chiropractic Care To Animals
Qualification for this coverage is based upon the completion of a course in Animal
Chiropractic recognized by the Provincial Chiropractic Licensing Board in the
policyholder’s jurisdiction.

$2,000,000 Per Claim / $4,000,000 Aggregate
$3,000,000 Per Claim / $5,000,000 Aggregate

Needle Insertion Acupuncture
$1,000,000 Per Claim / $3,000,000 Aggregate
$2,000,000 Per Claim / 4,000,000 Aggregate


$2,000,000 Per Claim / $4,000,000 Aggregate
$3,000,000 Per Claim / $5,000,000 Aggregate

Coverage Effective Date
Underwriting of your application commences the day of faxed receipt.
In most cases coverage may commence the day of receiving your application…
of course… acceptance of your policy is based upon a favorable underwriting review.

Chiropractic Malpractice Policy Features
How To Apply for Chiropractic Malpractice Insurance
Chiropractic Malpractice Insurance Application

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