History of The Inukshuk

Indigenous peoples of the Arctic Region in North America erected stones called
Inukshuiit (plural) as markers to navigate travellers in the harsh frozen tundra.
Inukshuk, in the language of the Inuit means, “one that looks like a person”.

Built with careful attention to balance, the Inukshuiits’ strength, fortitude, and
endurance are integral tools for preservation in the vast Canadian Arctic North
landscape. For centuries, travellers in this unique environment have been comforted
by faith in the Inukshuiits’ ability to direct them to crucial, fundamental provisions
such as food and shelter. Inukshuiits served many purposes: they guided hunters to
the caribou who felt trapped by the human-like rock forms, the hunters hid behind the
massive rocks in order to catch the caribou off guard; they marked provisions stored
for future navigation; and/or, they may have marked a spiritual place that
denoted reverence.

Investing Today For A Better Tomorrow
The placement of the stones was indicative of a special language of its own. Angles
of an arm or leg may point in a particular direction for travel; rocks planted in a specific
way could indicate safety or caution; and openings under the centre arch were
strategically positioned to direct vision to the next marker.

In an uncertain world, the Inukshuiit offer reassurance, nourishment and trust, as
markers that offer safety, hope, and stability. Built by collaborative efforts, they convey
the importance of working together for common goals. When they are built to resemble
people, they remind us that we are never alone. Humans continue to find comfort in their
presence and their strength and significance will endure for future generations. The
Inukshuiik continue to remind us of our responsibility in investing today for a better tomorrow.

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